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New workshops to inspire and connect

I am excited to announce that over the winter months I have been busy beavering away on developing some lovely new workshops not only for expectant parents but open to all: An excited auntie; doting grandparent; best friend.... you get the idea!

Inspired by my passions and hobbies that bring me tons of joy and the knowledge that community is key.

Long gone are the days (for most of us) where we live next door or round the corner from our parents or grandparents, on hand to give advice, provide child care or some much needed R&R.

Community isn't a given it must be created, especially in cities which can feel isolating for some. In my experience of starting a family and having young children, being part of a community / network of parents in similar positions was my life line. We need our people!

The workshops will be a chance to bring people together, learn new skills and create community.

Workshops run on a monthly bases in small informal groups, no experience or equipment is needed and an array of teas provided! Commencing April 2020.

Eco baby workshop 3 hours = £40

Botanical baby workshop 3 hours = £45

Crochet baby workshop 4 hours over 2 weeks = £40

Please contact us here to book onto a course.



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