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How is feeding going?

How is breast feeding going for you?

It can take time for you and your baby to get to grips with breast feeding whilst some babies seem to be born and know exactly what to do.

So I have compiled a list of resources which I hope will help if you are having some difficulty.

But I want you to know that in the darkest hours of the night when you feel utterly exhausted and alone, all mothers before you have been there, so you are not alone in that. Take a deep breath and know this challenging time will pass. Plan a night time schedule during the DAY for the night with your partner.

Websites = national:

Unicef and the baby friendly initiative website has lots of resources incl articles and videos about all aspects of breastfeeding. Midwives and other health professionals work in accordance with the baby friendly initiative so you know the information on this site is up to date and evidence based.

Amazing resource answering all breast feeding info and trouble shooting as well as support incl helplines. - association of breast feeding mothers

Lots of info on the website in the information library section and also trained breast feeding counsellors running a helpline

Breastfeeding info and also links to UNICEF’s ‘off to the best start’ breast feeding leaflet which we as midwives use at work, good clear pictures of positioning and attachment. Also a National breast-feeding helpline.

Also provide a support line. The website has articles and videos covering various BF topics.

Websites = Bristol:

Due to the corona virus all groups are temporarily suspended but as you have probably notice many groups are continuing to offer their services online so it might be lovely to try and connect with some local groups and mums.

Baby friendly places in Bristol.

In my opinion you should breast feed where ever you want or need to, I certainly didn’t think twice about it but I totally respect those who would prefer to go to somewhere that is baby friendly. Please bear in mind this is not an exhaustive list, but a useful starting point once social distancing has been lifted.

I would love to hear of any resources that have helped you so this post can be as useful as possible to those new mums in this really tricky time so please comment, like and share.

Much love to you all and please feel to DM if you would like to chat confidentially or for breast feeding support 🥰



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