Jess Lacey

Charli Rees

Jess has been a midwife for 15 years. As well as carrying out duties on delivery suite and in the community she has spent a significant part of her career working as a fetal medicine support midwife with a special interest in multiple pregnancy. Having had four babies in four years she is well versed in the practicalities of life with many children and feels passionately that support and friendship is the key to a happy pregnancy and enjoying your babies.

Twins antenatal classes and postnatal support

Charli has been a midwife for the past 8 years, she has additional qualifications in breast feeding and Hypnobirthing. After spending two and a half years working in conjunction with multiple pregnancy specialist consultants her role has taken her to fulfil a long standing aspiration to help those fortunate enough to conceive multiples. She has five children of her own including twins and is keen to share her expert knowledge. 

Practical and professional parenting advice for multiple pregnancy run
by midwives who are also
mothers of twins


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